DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT15.25

Authors: Stacey Omeleze, Vreda Pieterse and Fritz Solms

Abstract: Industrial software development projects are commonly modular with different development teams working on modules which need to be integrated into a cohesive product. A typical undergraduate software engineering course does not give students any experience in such a modular development. When an intense mini-project was introduced into a final year software engineering course prior to a capstone project, the opportunity arose to design the mini-project as a modular project. The project required an integration team to integrate the modules that different development teams had developed. This article discusses the SE challenges and the way we presented our module to teach students how to overcome these challenges. We enhanced our personal involvement with the students to motivate effective performance. The students’ reflections revealed that students were more aware of the technologies as well as the soft skills needed to implement large systems of this kind. We found that computer science academic staff as well as project clients assessed the capstone projects as having a higher quality.

Keywords: component; formatting; style; styling; insert

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