DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT15.30

Authors: Chris McDonald

Abstract: The current generation of students majoring in Computer Science are far more likely to engage with computer networking through their own mobile, wireless devices than they are using wired, desktop computers. Traditional approaches to teaching computer networking evolved when the Internet was composed of fixed wired infrastructure, and this historical background still forms most of the material in contemporary textbooks on computer networking. Today's students have strong expectations that their computer networking units will have a significant focus on the networking devices and applications that they use daily - increasingly mobile and wireless. This paper describes our uWASP software system that is designed to capture and analyze activity in an IEEE802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi) network. uWASP provides exposition of wireless networking concepts, and simplifies the development of new software components to provide longitudinal analysis of wireless network usage. We report on the design and implementation of uWASP, and on some typical student experiences using the tool in open laboratory exercises and projects over the past four years.

Keywords: Wireless networking, measurement, monitoring, security

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