DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.135

Authors: Jerzy Paslawski, Andrzej Karlowski


The article presents a comprehensive approach in the implementation of the technological flexibility in the construction industry. After the presentation of the general trends in the field of management with particular emphasis on managing the building process illustrated with own solution model, basic elements of the model was described. Then the source and basic assumptions flexible and agile management were presented. Ideas of technological flexibility exemplified with modification of cement concrete additive material (Phase Change Materials). This solution is dedicated to the situations, when the freshly laid concrete mix is exposed to a relatively short interaction of low temperature (typical spring / autumn frosts). In the article the composition of the concrete, material characteristics, the results of laboratory tests and field testing are shown. It has been also demonstrated the validity of the software in the field of data mining.

Keywords: flexibile management, construction process, data mining, decision tree generation, concrete, PCM

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