DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-35

Authors: Apiradee Siriwong and Paiboon Kiattikomol


This research study purposed to analyze the conditions and problem of teaching and learning of Object Oriented Analysis and Design subject, which is impact to the student learning at Rajabhat University. They are 116 samples of the bachelor degree students from computer science and information technology faculties of three Rajabhat Universities by randomly sample selected. This qualitative research method has been using the questionnaires in which questioning and identifying point of views to the condition and problem of the system analysis and object-oriented design subject in experiment and analyze and evaluate data by mean and standard deviation in statistical. The results of research, it was found out that there is middle-high of problems level in content of subjects and educational activities,cause by the item of the interactive modeling demonstration in content of subject is difficult to understand and there were no activities to provide the collaborative learning conceptual supporting. And the middle level of problem in learning method and media and learning environments, cause by there is not attractive media and teaching method that can be motivate the student and no facilitate rooms designed for the specific of subject.

Keywords: component; Conditions and Problems; Teaching andLearning; Learning Effective

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