DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm14.32

Authors: Uğur Gündüz and Nilüfer Pembecioğlu


The media is now divided into two clusters as the new and old or traditional and modern. The classical part of it is mainly considered to be the mainstream journalism and old type of television broadcasting. Radio and telephone are neither mentioned nor used much; yet, mobile phones are having the best of their performances through internet connections and various applications.
Most of the societies, having their own way and speed of development are making use of the media in different ways attributing different values to each. In Turkey, social media is gaining more and more importance especially after the Twitter and YouTube ban of the government just before the elections. Especially the young generation and the opposite parties, made use of the social media in an efficient (!) way before, during and after the elections. The number of the users reached to the top rates all around the world. However, the content did not change much. In such a dilemma the users aiming to provide a kind of social consciousness or a new perspective were still hiding under the shadow of the mainstream media and journalism angle. So, the new media did not produce its new contents but had a dependent perspective on the traditional one.
This paper aims to concentrate on how the concept of traditional journalism affected the new media and social media in Turkey and how the participants made use of the traditional media news in their social media profiles. Regarding the number of the news twitted or forwarded through the personal profiles would give us a kind of understanding that the emergence of the social media would not cause the traditional media to vanish. Instead it would take its roots from the mainstream media to justify, support, exemplify or oppose the news published through the traditional media. In this case, the social media is fed and nurtured by the old and traditional media instead of creating its own systems. Even if there were few original topics or films to be shared these were either the fake or photoshopped versions. The visuals, sounds or the content itself could be diversified by the dexterous hands and the manipulative face of the social media is experienced widely.
Elections were somewhat important especially for the young generation and their expectations were also shaped by the social media since they give much more importance to their peer acceptance and approval. Thus, it would be important to see how much of the new media is affected by the old media. The data is provided by the Istanbul University students and analyzed to see how much the social media profiles made use of the traditional news in their sharings. The outcomes of the research would be used as a tool to understand the expected standards of social media as well as the concept of news in social media sharings.

Keywords: Values, Traditional, Modern, Tea, Coffee


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