DOI: 10.5176/2251-2098_EMG16.9

Authors: Zhantore Ulsara Nematullakyzy and Professor Zhou Xiao-hu

Abstract: The construction of Corporate International Social Responsibility database is characterized by the high number of international enterprises involve to implement, to develop and to have the outstanding roles of both China and Kazakhstan’s long term corporations. The most important issues of Corporate International Social Responsibility concerning quality of products, labor intensity, working conditions, the respective effects on energy, health, environment. The CISR database of international enterprises in developing countries remain negligible and in a very low level, the construction CISR database focus on economic stimulus and control by the both governments will be effective on international market. CISR database will be available, in order to simplify and speed up access the data though considerable higher functionality results for international enterprises managers, the investors, the governments workers, the academic researchers and the future users.

Keywords: corporate international social responsibity; construction database; China and Kazakhstan;

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