DOI: 10.5176/2251-3809_LRPP1263

Authors: Rajini Kumar Sreedharam, Faridah Jalil

Abstract: Blogging has become a popular way for a Web user to publish information on the Web in Malaysia. Bloggers write blog posts, share their likes and dislikes, voice their opinions, and provide suggestions, report news, and form groups in Blogosphere. Bloggers have used their blogs to express freely their ideas and opinions without realizing that they might face legal liabilities. A number of laws were used especially sedition law for the investigation, however only some bloggers were prosecuted because of the inadequacy of the law. This research will be focused on the difficulties and inadequacy of Sedition law in governing the bloggers. The findings of this study will contribute awareness to the respective bodies either in improving or amending the legislation in the digital era.

Keywords: bloggers, blogging, Inadequacy, legislation

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