DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.125

Authors: Tina Moore

Abstract: Concentrating on learning can be accomplished through careful manipulation of appropriate assessment processes. The use of the Viva Voce is one such assessment tool that can facilitate and examine the higher order skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The assessors experience was seen to be of particular importance due to the fact that there were no structured processes in place to provide training/direction in the Viva Voce assessment within the department. Its’ use is increasing in popularity within nursing as a valid assessment method. In spite of this, there has been very little evaluation of the process. The evidence from this study suggests that this mode of assessment offers an alternative to the warren-bias of traditional assessments. Whilst there are challenges to the Viva Voce as a mode of assessment the benefits are greater.

Keywords: Viva Voce, Student Nurse, Critical Thinking

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