DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.31

Authors: Borislav Hristov & Frohmut Wellner


A long service life of asphalt pavements can be achieved through a good and durable interlayer bond. A newly developed test apparatus for cyclic testing of the interlayer bond (CTIB) as well as the extensive experimental procedure are presented in this paper. The methodology for the experimental determination of the bond shear stiffness at different temperatures, normal stresses and shearing frequencies is introduced together with the established master function for the analytical assessment of the shear stiffness. The master function has been implemented into a finite element program in order to calculate fatigue functions for asphalt pavements influenced by different interlayer bonds using the German method for computational design according to RDO Asphalt 09. It has been succeeded to forecast the fatigue status of asphalt pavements with interlayer bonds of different quality for a service life of 30 years and to make recommendations for the practical use for both new asphalt pavement construction and maintenance.

Keywords: interlayer bond, shear stiffness, fatigue, asphalt pavements, finite element method, master function, maintenance, design, pavement construction, normal stress, temperature, shearing frequency, cyclic test, cumulative damage

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