DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT16.18

Authors: Dennis Castleberry, Steven R. Brandt

Abstract: This paper explores the ordering of questions which use Bloom’s Taxonomy in an intelligent tutoring system. In particular, it addresses three questions: (1) When questions are asked in forward order, is there a performance difference between paper-based and electronic methods? (2) Is there a difference between asking questions in forward and reverse order? (3) Finally, if the student answers a question incorrectly at a level, does the asking of additional questions at a lower level increase mean performance for the remainder of the test? To answer this, three experiments were conducted using an e- Learning system with students in introductory undergraduate computer science courses. Results indicate statistically significant performance differences between the paper and electronic media conditions as well as between the forward and reverse question order conditions. In addition, a marginally statistically significant difference due to asking “intervention questions” was found.

Keywords: Bloom's Taxonomy, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, e-Learning, Program Comprehension

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