DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.73

Authors: Mustafa Demir, Mustafa Yağbasan

Abstract: 3G/4G based video transmission systems (Cellular Uplinking) are now used by television channels as a new generation video transmission system to transfer the audio - visual content from field to the studio over terrestrial 3G/4G networks. These transmission systems are cost-effective alternative to streaming video via traditional satellite systems. Especially in developing countries, local television broadcasting companies do not use satellite transmission systems because of cost and equipment problems. At this point 3G/4G based video transmission systems bring important innovations for the local television broadcasters to enrich and to change the contents of broadcasts. With this innovations and developments, use of 3G systems is becoming widespread in Turkey on local broadcasting sector and also these systems are produced by domestic companies.
In this study; the effects of 3G/4G based video transmission systems on Turkey’s local TV broadcasting companies, usage of these systems, benefits on local television stations and the change of broadcast content after the usage of these systems have been studied with the comparison of traditional streaming systems.
Keywords: TV broadcasting, 3G/4G, Cellular uplinking


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