DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC16.53

Authors: Ju-Chen Yen, Pei-Yu Lee


Objectives: To investigate the infant massage care interventions to enhance the parents of infantile colic knowledge, attitude and care behavior change. Method: Patients of Pediatric Outpatient Clinic from three teaching hospitals in Kaohsiung City were recruited as the participants. There are three recruit conditions: (1) must have less than one-year-old infants; (2) infants of single or multiple birth; (3) must have experiences in taking care infantile colic; (4) The Effects of frequency on excessive crying and fussing in infants. 140 research participants were randomly distributed into the control group of 70 subjects (received regular health education instruction) and the experiment group of 70 subjects (received regular health education instruction and the infant massage care interventions program). Both groups will receive pre-test and post- test, and collected corresponding data by using the self-edited structured questionnaire to understand parents’ knowledge, attitude and management behavior toward infantile colic. Questionnaire including four parts: (1) questionnaire for knowledge of infantile colic; (2) questionnaire for attitude of infantile colic; (3) daily log of infants crying disturbed behavior; and (4) demographic data. One week and one month follow up after intervention, the post-test questionnaire would be collected by mail. According to「parental diary of infant cry and fuss behavior」designed by Miao-Ju Chwo and 「The Infant Colic Scale’s」 developed by Cetinkaya & Basbakkaz. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficients were .55 to .89.The scale’s test–retest reliability was .65. Results: On going study. Conclusion: Many studies found that infants massage can improve their maturity of nervous function, weight gain and to create a good sleep/awake state. Hoping the result of this study is going to improve parents’ knowledge of infantile colic for raising children, and make the closing relationship between parents and children. If the result appear significantly , this study will be extended to the hospitals in other counties and cities, implement the diversified baby massage methods to maximize baby’s mental/development benefits, submit the outcomes of introducing infant massage in clinical to periodicals, and provide it to medical professionals and parents who was infants as reference.

Keywords: Infantile colic; Management behavior; Intervention

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