DOI: 10.5176/2251-1857_M312.56

Authors: Tzu-Yao Tai, Van-Minh Nguyen

Abstract: PCD is a new material and it is widely used in industrial field because of its hardness and toughness. PCD includes the metallic powder fills the interstices between the diamond particles. It creates the metallic net-work, thus PCD conducts electricity. Therefore PCD can be machined by Micro-EDM. The knowledge of machining PCD using EDM is limited and not clear. This study finds out some characteristics while machining PCD depends on setup parameters. Some knowledge such as the volume of the electrode wear, material remove rate, the shape of the electrode wear after machining and surface properties of the work-pieces were carried out.
Keywords: micro-machining; polycrystaille diamond; electrode wear; micro-EDM; surface integrity

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