DOI: 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.31

Authors: Meng Wang, Hisako Koura

Abstract:in the beginning of 2000s, Osaka city implemented various redevelopment measurements to cope with the continuous population and economic decline in the city center. This study aims to evaluate the effects of these redevelopment measurements on land use and land price in the central urban area. Spatial overlay analysis of GIS were employed to clarify the pattern of land use change under the redevelopment process, it was found that while the increase of condominiums were significant in the central urban area, decrease of large amount of business lands continued and substantial proportion of these previous business land converted into vacant lots, particularly in the traditional CBD Senba area. Further, hedonic price approach revealed that new-built condominiums may create price premium for the nearby residential lands; in general, it was observed that redevelopment projects have improved the land price in the surroundings, however, effects of different projects varied, those underdeveloped and large-scale redevelopment projects seems hardly impose significant positive effects on the land price.

Keywords: urban center redevelopment; land use; land price;GIS spatial analysis hedonic price approach


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