DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR51

Authors: Martina Piewitt


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have an ambiguous position in the context of the Group of Eight (G8). On the one hand, NGOs seek greater participation in the G8 to voice concerns and to influence policy outcomes. On the other hand, NGOs have a position of opposition, which becomes apparent in the protests that take place every year against the G8 summits. This article explores this ambiguous role between advocacy and opposition. It reviews the relationship between the G8 and NGOs and its development over the last decades. The article also seeks to outline how the role of NGOs is conveyed to the public through mass media. A media analysis shows whether NGOs are able to raise public awareness of the G8 and whether their picture is associated with advocacy or opposition.

Keywords: G8; NGOs; civil society; media analysis; advocacy

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