DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT21

Authors: Sima Sharifirad and Mohammad Sadegh Sharifirad


While research has focused on the effect of technology on student performance, it is not yet known how advanced technology, such as Promethean boards influence students ‘academic performance and which factors can mediate the use of IWBs and academic performance. In this research it is for the first time that this subject going to be under attention. Moreover, due to high cost of this board in Iran we administered and distributed our questionnaires of the students of master and PHD at some specified universities. 278 students were asked to fill questionnaire and determine the role of IWBS in increasing their level of motivation, enjoyment and collaboration and at the end their academic performance. It is worth mentioning that demographic factors such as age , gender ,academic major were effective in the use of IWBs and academic performance, too.

Interactive whiteboards, academic performance

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