DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm18.127

Authors: Nebahat AKGÜN ÇOMAK and Nilüfer PEMBECİOĞLU

Abstract: Tiny little details give us the clues of the big important things. It is important to notice, analyze and the clues as to find the real matters behind. The paper discusses how the values attributed to the mermaid image affect the consumption of the communication messages, expectations, and productions of the media with its charming and glazed "Mermaid" icon. The temptation, beauty and charm of the mystical heroine Melusine in media with its seductiveness as well as the insatiable enjoyment coincide with each other. After analyzing the examples of the past narratives and mythologies, current examples are collected and pinpointed to understand how the mermaid icon is changed, used, positioned and acknowledged in today’s world. The paper discusses different attributions made to the image of mermaid on one hand and on the other hand evaluates the products through 12T’s approach, analyzing its deeply rooted semiotic meanings, through its cultural, intercultural, mythological and symbolic meanings evolved in it.

Keywords: Mermaid, Myths, Social Media, Intercultural Values, Starbucks, Brand-making Strategies


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