DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.108

Authors: Ercument Gorgul


This paper analyzes the internalization process through representation of our body’s positioning; relates this to our interaction with the built environment; observes how ways of “seen” and “to be seen” evolved and how this new understanding set a basis to a more elaborated sensory experience we seek today on spatial boundary through multimedia and media façades. It is argued that enhancing boundaries of space enables the gaze drift into different directions and linger, capturing a sustained attention leading to a more enriched spatial experience setting a basis to a deeper interaction within the city. Starting from the basics of nuanced approach in east and western culture, to very fundamental placement of body in nature and how this understanding is carried all the way how boundary is defined and perceived and how different boundary conditions are determining the level of intimacy within the city.

Keywords: landscape paintings; representation; phenomenology; boundary; media facades;

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