DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC13.13

Authors: Melissa Buultjens, Priscilla Robinson, Gregory Murphy and Jeannette Milgrom

Abstract: Australian Government maternity reform documents promote collaborative multidisciplinary models of care and strive to improve service provision and access for all childbearing women. In order to provide a quality and equitable maternity service, effective monitoring and mapping of service provision needs to be undertaken. In this paper we explore maternity models of care and key allied health services across Victorian hospitals as per the Victorian Government Health Information Website (VGHIW)). Altogether, this study found discrepancies in information provided to consumers using the VGHIW, a scarcity of models offering continuity of care/r and an overall reduction in equity and access throughout rural maternity health service provision

Keywords: Maternity service provision, models of care, allied health, evidence-based, collaboration, perinatal period

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