DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm13.11

Authors: TANG Jingtai and HU Tiantian

In the construction of populist public opinion, one can make the public believe the current news facts are no more than new versions of traditional oppression stories. By using archetype narration strategy and modifying facts, one invokes the public memory about the tragic oppression history, yields negative sadness in the whole society thus successfully motivates public moods and attracts quite a lot of citizens from all aspects of society in. Besides, taking historical stories as analogy, this populist narrative strategy leads citizens to undoubted cognitive and action frames, thus their cognition, judgment and actions are easily manipulated. Then consensus is formed in the whole society, citizens are mobilized and public opinion is constructed with populist values.

Keywords: Populism, public opinion, archetype narration strategy


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