DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT15.29

Authors: Hsuan-Wei Wu and Chih-Wen Li

Abstract: The teaching goal for tradition courses could only focus on rooting mathematic foundation, learning professional knowledge, team-work and strengthening practical skill. The research attempted to establish a pattern teaching mode, flipped classroom mode which keeps the same teaching goal like traditional courses and improves core abilities. To establish flipped classroom model requires teachers to spend long time building up video teaching material and clearly communicate with students. The main role in the class is not a teacher lecturing on the stage anymore but letting students learn by open course ware from cloud at home, have some feedback, questions, and separate into groups to discuss and present which would come up related results in classroom; in this education model, the role of teachers is to assist. In the flipped classroom, cloud teaching material, group discussion, assignment, small project, on-line exams and discuss room were used to reach the primary goal, independent learning. Small project is processed with service learning mode includes four stages: preparation/conception, service/ practice, reflection/ self-critic and presentation/celebration. Moreover this research expects to combine service learning and project-based learning (PjBL ) mode. Through applied PjBL during the service learning progress, students could learn creative design and problem solving by designing and processing the experiment activities which also could express some teaching goals, such as, diverse learning during the service, social care and expand international perspective…etc. The research found out flipped classroom mode integrated with service learning pattern could improve different core abilities. Although some parts of core abilities were repetitive, but it could be a complementary relationship which is more complete and comprehensive than single teaching pattern.

Keywords: flipped classroom, service learning, PjBL, core ability, open course ware

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