DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.128

Authors: Rosa Romano, Paola Gallo


To respond at the European Directive 2002/91/CE on the energy performance of buildings, so to build a new generation of nearly zero energy buildings and at the same time to reduce the high emission and tiny air pollution particles, a challenging input is to develop innovative envelope for buildings. Therefore, it is necessary to design and build a new generation of multifunctional, adaptive and dynamic facades to answer the necessity to improve the indoor environmental quality and to facilitate the exploitation of RES at the building scale. Adaptive building envelopes can be considered the next big milestone in façade technology because they are able to interact with the environment and the user by reacting to external influences and adapting their behavior and functionality. The paper focuses on the research project SELFIE (Smart and Efficient Layers For Innovative Envelope) regarding the design, testing and construction of a technological system to make an innovative adaptive building envelope. In the innovative "SELFIE system" will be developed with smart materials and novel technologies to produce clean energy and decrease total consumptions in the new and/or existing buildings. The components of the “SELFIE system”, in fact, will be designed as preassembled elements that will be possible to compose in a modular façade for new buildings envelope or replace the existing ones. In detail, the work introduce the research methodology for the design concept of the “SELFIE system”, with the aim to improve the knowledge in the field of adaptive facades and innovative technologies, able to increase the energy performances of the buildings located in the Mediterranean area.

Keywords: Energy Saving, Adaptive Facade, nZEB, Renewable Energy

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