DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm13.05

Authors: Mireille Carrère

When we examine recent changes in the media, especially in France, and in the so-called information and communication society, one can only conclude that there has been a negative effect on the mass media.
Beyond simple factual errors, which are increasingly frequent, this downward spiral seems to be produced by the very logics that underlie them: the pollution caused by informational anarchy, the dominance of real time, and the invasion of news-as-spectacle.

This drift, combined with the economic laws of competition, can only generate a loss of meaning that contributes to the loss of credibility of this essential element of democracy. An aggravating factor in this deterioration the context of globalization, which encourages phenomena of acculturation, particularly linguistically, is the use of Franglais. A critical perspective and awareness are thus more necessary than ever, particularly among journalists, as a way of regaining the high ground for the mediating function of the field and to reclaim greater detachment for the receivers “submitted” to this “fabrication” of information. In fact, the current situation raises the question of whether the media can continue to claim to describe reality and to tell the truth if one examines matters from a philosophical or even metaphysical point of view.

Information is always relative and, paradoxically, abundance and rapidity are not always synonymous with quality.


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