DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR15.40

Authors: Professor Clive J Napier


Political Science has been taught in South Africa for nearly a hundred years and for a lesser period of time in other African countries. A diversity of approaches and theoretical focus areas have been followed over the decades in response to the political evolution of the African state. The argument of the paper is that Political Science in South Africa and beyond should engage anew with the state and its institutions and re-focus on teaching and research and in particular more firmly address the needs of diverse practitioners in state and governmental institutions in South Africa and beyond. Teaching and research interests of particular relevance and utility to government and opposition leaders and representatives - such as institutional design, democratic models, electoral systems and political party structures, candidate selection, and election processes should be given increasing attention by Political Scientists. It is argued that a new relevance is necessary and answers to contemporary issues and problems should be provided.

Keywords: South Africa, Political Science, Africa relevance

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