DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.127

Authors: Shao Yu, Meng Yiping, Wen Xiaolu


Under the influence of economic globalization,more and more big cities are showing a mode of high density and centralized development .But at the same time,some cities only pursue the height of the building but ignore the relationship with the underground space.And because the ground space is very crowded , several urban issues appeared traffic congestion, lack of landscape greening, serious environmental pollution, lack of human space etc.And scientific and rational development and utilization of urban underground space will be a strong support for eliminating or easing the tension of urban land space,upgrading the space environment on the ground.This paper, taking Perth CBD as an example, discuss how to develop and make use of the underground space of the city and how to develop closely combined with the rail transit , so as to optimize the space environment of urban high density area,establish compact, three-dimensional, high efficiency urban space system.

Keywords: high density area; underground space; Perth CBD; integrated development

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