DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.30

Authors: Yu Wang

Abstract: In order to uncover the problems of the usage of verbs in college students’ English writing, the author uses Error Analysis Theory and Teachers’ Correction as the theoretical basis and analyzes the compositions of 20 sophomores in an advanced class(higher-level students) and an adjustment class(lower-level students) respectively in Northwestern Polytechnical University. The applied research methods are quantitative research method and qualitative research method. The research result shows that in students’ English writing, the most frequently occurred mistake is the collocation mistake of verbs. Lower-level students makes more verb errors than higherlevel ones. Beside, teachers’ corrective feedback is more effective on lower level students from adjustment class than higher level students from advanced class.

Keywords: error analysis; verbal errors; teachers’ corrective feedback; college students’ English writing


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