DOI: 110.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.41

Authors: Jamille De-Andra Chin, Odane Jermaine Gordon

Abstract: This paper is an analysis of urban renewal initiatives for Downtown, Kingston, Jamaica. Downtown Kingston, as the original central business district grew because of its geographical determinant within the Kingston Harbour and decayed primarily as a result of demographic forces. A plethora of redevelopment initiatives have been proposed, all of which claim to sustainably renew the urban centre. An analysis of such proposals have found them to be lacking the most significant component in planning; which is consideration for people. The paper proposes an alternative approach to that of current urban renewal routes being charted. The alternatives focus on reducing the strain on the urban centre while promoting industry in the depressed urban hinterlands. Social inclusion in renewal efforts through direct investment in social capital is also postulated.

Keywords: urban renewal, redevelopment, sustainable development, Downtown Kingston


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