DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm16.69

Authors: Slavomir Magal

Abstract: The actual underdevelopment of film theory and history may actually be a suitable and good reason to conduct detailed analytical research that would include a classification scheme of the most important knowledge systems known in the present day. It is indisputable that the history and theory of cinematography needs new efforts to integrate modern historical and theoretical works.. The development of audio-visual production since the end of the century has seen such a boom that it basically exceeds research capacity and the apparatus of so-called classical film theories. Within their application, one encounters the characterisation and interpretation of new cinematographic means of expression using antiquated and unsuitable terms, or, which is more common, no attempt is made to make a serious scientific explanation of the new phenomena.

Keywords: Film theory; documentary film today; film history; criticism; typology and classification, methodology and terminology of documentary film theory;


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