DOI: 10.5176/2382-5685_VETSCI16.8

Authors: Mst. Nusrat Zahan, Nasrin Sultana Juyena, Mirza Abul Hashim


Veldt Grape extract has been used as a medicinal plant since antiquity in various Ayurvedic classical medicines. Therapeutic effect of this plant extract on bone healing was examined in the present study. Fifteen rabbits were separated into three distinct groups namely A, B and C. Veldt grape paste was applied in group B and C by close reduction and open reduction methods of fracture management respectively while group A was kept as control. Both of the treated group revealed a decreased serum calcium level to a greater extent than control group after 24 hours of fracture and slightly increased on 7th day of fracture. Elevated body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate were also observed up to third day of fracture and became in normal physiological range on 4th day. Both treated groups revealed faster initiation of healing process than the control group on radiographic examinations. Complete bridging of fracture gap by a well-organized and distinct osseous callus in fracture line on day 7 and complete obliteration of fracture line on day 14 in treated groups were observed. Healing was almost complete on 14th day of fracture in the treated animals and remained incomplete in the control group. There was no complication, clinical abnormalities and no significant alteration of serum calcium level observed on 14th day of fracture in treated animals hence Veldt Grape paste is readily applicable to the management of fracture in veterinary practice.

Keywords: Veldt Grape, Fracture, Bone Healing, Radiograph

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