DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm13.46

Authors: Atwar Bajari

The penetration of television in Indonesia about three C’s (Conflicts, Corruptions and Crimes) are worrying. It can be seen from the height of television presenting it. Likewise, the dissemination through the internet on various sites like and the that provide information quickly.

This situation raises concern about the effect on children. They have a vulnerable position in the internalization values of personality and wrong character development. This includes the character of patrotism and nationalism. Television and internet have an influence toward shaping children's perception about the state and patriotism.

This research explains the influence of television news about social conflicts, corruptions and criminality toward children’s perceptions of integrity and love of motherland.

The method used is a survey research explanative of eight schools in two provinces namely West Java, Indonesia. Total samples are 420 children. Hypothesis testing is done by r test correlation, t test and linier regression with a confidence level of p = 0.05.

The results turned out surprisingly. Media showed the opposite effect, that the penetration of the media about the conflicts, crimes and corruptions growing love of the motherland. Children increasingly sympathetic, concerned and loving their country. It is seen from the following results: Use of the internet presenting news about conflicts, crimes, and criminality correlated positively with the love of the motherland. Exemplary values on television and the Internet correlates with the love of the motherland. All independent variables simultaneouly have a significant influence to the level of love for the motherland.

Keywords: conflict, crime, corruption, patriotism, television, internet


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