DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.131

Authors: Mansour Alulayet; Richard Hyde, Lindsay Clare; and Kerry Clare


Through an analysis of the literature and two case studies, this paper reviews the definitions and design criteria of four building types that appear to fall under the umbrella of Green Building. The types are Sustainable Building, Energy Efficient Building, Net Zero Energy Building and High Performance Building. Green Building aims to address the need for the reduction in environmental impacts from the built environment to improve sustainability. The question we looked at was to what extent does these new types meet the criteria for Green Building. The results of this assessment suggest first, there is a contradiction not within the terms themselves but the degree to which they meet the criteria for Green Building. Second, further analysis comparing two innovative Green Buildings in Australia using the Green Star assessment reinforces this view. Third, some of the attributes that come from these building types dictate a new framework for Green Buildings to support and avoid confusion in practice which has emphasis for the planning and design of urban infrastructure.

Keywords: Sustainable Buildings, High-Performance Buildings, Energy Efficiency Buildings, Definitions

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