DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.111

Authors: Dania Sammani, Rahinah Ibrahim, Marek Kozlowski and Mohamad Yazah Rashid


Nurturing sustainable behavior of the employees is an essential step towards developing a sustainable university campus. This paper presents our attempt to understand and identify factors related to the built environment life cycle that have the potential to nurture sustainable behavior of the employees in university campus. We conducted a literature survey on built environment life cycle, employees’ sustainable behavior, and product life cycle management PLM with the main aim to nurture energy efficiency through sustainable behavior of the employees. The results of our study lead towards theoretical development on nurturing sustainable behavior of the employees in university campus, by utilizing sustainable factors of built environment life cycle for achieving energy efficiency during the campus’s operational phase. The results showed that environmental awareness, knowledge of sustainability, education, and management are the most important factors to nurture sustainable behavior. The university management and its community have a significant role to make the university environment sustainable.

Keywords: Sustainable Behavior; Sustainable Campus; Energy Efficiency; Product Life Cycle Management; Integrated Design Management

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