DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR08

Authors: Dr Scott Firsing


Africa has an abundance of natural resources. Recent literary work regarding the continent has mostly focused on the all-important strategic energy resource of oil. One of the oil producing African countries frequently discussed along with Sudan and Nigeria is Angola. However, Africa’s third largest country is not only rich in oil, but diamonds as well. This paper investigates the foreign powers involved in the exploration and extraction of Angola’s rough diamonds, with an emphasis on Russia and China. It highlights the links between trade and diplomacy and highlights the benefits these external actors are providing to the citizens of the southern African country. The paper argues that foreign powers should have a role in the development of the country where it extracts its resources. However, like other African countries such as Nigeria, the wealth ends up in the wrong hands and does not lead to sustainable economic development. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the host countries such as Angola to make sure their citizens receive the benefits of such fruitful relationships.

Keywords: Angola; diamonds; governance; foreign policy; diplomacy; Russia; China

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