DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L313.62

Authors: Mahjoub ZIRAK and Peter M. SKAER

This paper examines the acoustic correlates of voicing distinctions in the Kurmanji language spoken in the northeast of Iran. The voice onset time (VOT) measure of the voiceless initial stops were measured in two different generations of Kurmanji language and the dominant Persian. Measuring the two aspirated and unaspirated VOT distinction in Kurmanji, It was found that though the VOT differences between Generation2 and Persian was decreased, the contrast was still significant. So, Generation2 Kurmanji speakers tend to produce long lag VOTs compared to Generation1. Decreasing the aspirated/unaspirated contrast in Generation2 could be interpreted as an externally motivated by gradient phonetic sound changes from Persian as a dominant language.

Voice Onset Time, Sound Change, Kurmanji, Persian

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