DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES13.33

Authors: Jia Cheng Oh, Shao Kai Ng, Son T. Nguyen, Pei Wen Wong, Vincent B. C. Tan, Hai M. Duong


Recently, the novel idea of aerogels made from cellulose and silica has been garnering attention for good flexibility and excellent thermal insulation, which are derived from the cellulose fibers and silica gel respectively [1]. These properties present the cellulose-silica aerogel as a potential material for insulation coatings on buildings, thereby reducing the extent of air-conditioning needed in the day during hot weathers. In order to maximize its competitive advantage over other insulation materials, however, continuous work needs to be done to minimize the overall cost of production, while retaining all its desired properties.


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