DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES13.41

Authors: B. K. Mishra*, S. K. Gupta, and A. Sinha


Disinfection for drinking water reduces the risk of pathogenic infection but during the process it forms a variety of known and unknown byproducts through reactions between the disinfectants and natural organic matter. In fact, measurement of DBP concentration in drinking water usually requires gas chromatography (GC) analysis, which is time consuming and relatively expensive technique. Predictive modeling for DBPs consists of establishing empirical and mechanistic relationships of water quality and operational parameters with the prevailing levels of DBPs at various stages after the water treatment. The paper reviews the significance and importance of water quality parameters for predictive modeling approach for measurement of DBPs formation.

Keywords: DBPs, Natural organic matter (NOM), Water quality parameters, Modelling.


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