DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES16.22

Authors: Vladimír Kočí, Joana Lapao Rocha and Kristína Zakuciová

Abstract: Circular economy (CE) is a novel concept that promotes sustainable management of energy and materials in the industry. Contrary to linear economy, CE focuses on minimalizing the amount of waste and promoting its use as secondary materials. The article explores the implications of applying CE in the field of: air protection technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, waste treatment, and wastewater treatment technologies. The article concentrates on the current environmental challenges and the modern aspects of circular economy. The main obstacle of circular economy is the requirement for constant economic growth without accounting for environmental externalities.

Keywords: component: carbon capture and storage, CCS, waste treatment, waste water treatment, circular economy, environmental pollution, life cycle assessment, sustainability management, linear economy, environmental accounting, and externalities.


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