DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES18.10

Authors: Ai-chen Jia, Yan-ping Fan and Yan-ping Fan

Abstract:In order to study the effect of different ecological management on river water quality, the ecological control measures such as ecological river channel, constructed wetland and ecological pool were constructed at the right side of the Caifangshen Bridge in Fuzhou River, which is located at the upstream of Dongfeng Reservoir. Then the water quality was monitored for 7 months and the effect of pollutant removal and its relationship with the investment were evaluated. The results show that the constructed wetland has the best effect on water quality improvement and covers the least area, but the construction is complicated and the capital investment is high. The ecological pool construction is simple and the removal efficiency of the total phosphorus is good. The removal rate of the ecological river channel is lowest; however, the capital investment is small. The results of this study can provide data support for the choice of measures in river ecological management.

Keywords: river ecological restoration; ecological river; constructed wetland; ecological pool; purification effect


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