DOI: 110.5176/2251-3140_2.2.41

Authors: Ying Bai and Sunil Gupta


Many different techniques and researches on reducing the radiation dose for computed tomography (CT) examinations have been reported and developed in recent 30 years. However, most those technologies are not practical enough to enable them to be directly and easily implemented in clinic real applications because there is no directly relationship between those techniques and the actual CT scanning parameters to be applied on most clinic pediatric CT examinations. In this study, a practical and flexible technique chart is developed to enable radiologists to select the optimal tube voltage and tube current for the given body-size of the pediatric patients with the desired CT dose index (CTDIvol). This chart can be easily implemented in most clinics for routine pediatric CT

Keywords: fuzzy inference system, reduction of radiation dose, pediatric CT examinations, optimal tube voltage, optimal tube current

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