DOI: 10.5176/2251-3388_2.2.52

Authors: Samir Ghouali, Mohammed Feham, and Yassine Zakarya Ghouali


cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of worldwide mortality, each year more and more people die cause the cardiovascular disease comparatively to any other causes, the number of deaths because the cardiovascular disease is estimated at 17.3 million and represent 30{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465} of the total global mortality, among these deaths, 7.3 million were caused by coronary heart disease and 6.2 million by AVC.
Over 80{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465} of deaths happen in countries with low and middle income and occur almost equally between men and women. By 2030, almost 23.3 million people will die from cardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and AVC), according to projections, these diseases should remain the leading causes of death.
This study analyzes the interactions that may exist between the three leads ECG, Hemodynamics signals, and the respiratory signals for the 187 patients taken from Montreal General Hospital / MF (Massachusetts General Hospital / Marquette Foundation) databases, using the Granger causality test for all patients. The results show significantly that there is a causality relationship between three leads ECG and other signals. Way of example, the results also indicate the existence of a unidirectional causality from ART, CVP, PAP, RESP, CO2 to ECG1 respectively 97.91{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465}, 81.63{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465}, 93.87{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465}, 93.87{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465}, 93.87{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465} for all patients.
The originality of this article is the number of variables selected for the study, unlike the majority of studies that are conducted only with two variables

Keywords: Cardiorespiratory Hemodynamic signals; Direction of information; Granger Causality; Multivariate study; (MGH / MF) waveform database

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