DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE14.65

Authors: Mário S. Ming Kong


The concept of sustainability in construction appears in various forms and with a plurality of terms. The aim is to reduce consumption and energy losses, the protection of biodiversity of natural systems and the integration of the built environment with the natural environment, without sacrificing comfort and beauty. In this sense it is useful to look not only around us but also to the past and find inspiration in historical models.
We strongly believe that architecture, being a product of imagination, creativity and ideation, arises from relations that the thought establishes between what we know, what we yearn for and the notion of harmony and proportion that is intrinsic to us.
In this research we analyze the applicability of sustainable materials such as paper and bamboo, as support of the graphical thought, using these materials during the creative process, as a methodological tool for the development of a creative aesthetic language in architectural design, and not only as an sustainable element in the implementation of architectural design.
We will devote particular attention in our study to constructions in China and Japans, where centuries ago a way of life emerged out of necessity and economy of means, dominated by a philosophy based on aesthetic proportions and harmony.
Our research is based on documentary analysis of works performed in the western and eastern world over the centuries, which resulted in the creation of a research unit in the field of architecture in paper and sustainable materials.
With this our project, we aim to provide academic reflection on the role and importance of sustainable materials in general and in particular on the presence of harmony and proportion in Memory and Cultural Identity, as elements that will encourage and develop avenues for development of an architectural language in the context of sustainable construction.

Keywords: Architecture, Architecture on Paper, Sustainable Materials, Methodology of Graphical Thought, Creative Process, Visual Communication


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