DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL12.48

Authors: Adelina Asmawi

Abstract:  The Lush Tree is an online platform for reflection, collaboration, and expert support for 3rd year TESL students at University Malaya. These students are Malaysians as well as foreigners who are enrolled in a subject; Simulated Teaching for TESL and have to present English language lessons within a safe environment of the university classroom. Every lesson is reflected upon by the self and others, and suggestions are made to improve teaching. These students will continue reflecting and collaborating during Teaching Practice in schools (in September 2012) through the platform. In this paper, only the collaborations amongst the students are discussed as the first analysis stage of a year long study on the potentials and challenges of using this platform for encouraging reflection and collaboration among TESL students.

Keywords: online platform, reflection, collaboration, expert support, Simulated Teaching.

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