DOI: 10.5176/ 978-981-07-7531-5_PEEE.04

Authors: Yasunori Kobori, Shunsuke Tanaka, Tatsunori Nagashima, Takahiro Sakai, Kotaro Kaneya, Shunichiro Todoroki, Zachary Nosker, Nobukazu Takai, Haruo Kobayashi, Takahiro Odaguchi, Isao Nakanishi, Kimio Ueda and Jun-ichi Matsuda


This paper proposes a single inductor multi output (SIMO) DC-DC converter with hysteretic control. We propose two kinds of converter: single inductor dual output (SIDO) converter and SIMO converter with four outputs. This approach with hysteretic control requires only a few additional components (a switch, a diode and a comparator), requires no current sensors and does not depend on the value of output voltage or output current. The voltage control loop is very high frequency (greater than 500 kHz). We describe circuit topologies, operation principles and simulation results of SIDO and SIMO converters and experimental results of SIDO converter. Experimental output ripples are about 15-25mVpp when output currents are IH=0.35 / 0.50 A at VH=4.0 V and IL=0.20 A at VL=3.0 V. Self regulation and cross regulation are less than 10 mVop when output current is IH=0.35 / 0.18 A or IL=0.20 / 0.10 A.

Keywords: DC-DC converter, SIDO converter, SIMO converter, Hysteretic control, High speed control


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