Authors: Fang Li

Abstract: College English teachers and scholars are constantly reforming teaching methods, attempting to meet the increasing demand for English practical competence in the talent market. Nevertheless, China still ranks low in worldwide English proficiency among adults. A survey conducted in Wuhan University reveals that the College English learners are satisfied with their teachers but less pleased with the course contents. In order to explain the gap in satisfaction, the author studied the connections and differences between high school English and College English teaching materials and found no significant disparity in rigor between the two. The findings imply that learners are discouraged by insufficient information inputs from the textbooks. The teaching materials focus mostly on literature, culture, and social science instead of topics related to students’ majors,which can benefit their specialized studies and future careers. Therefore, what should be prioritized in reforming and improving is not the teaching methods, but the teaching contents, namely, College English education can only fulfill the purpose of enabling students to use the language in practicum by replacing the redundant basic language practice training with content-based English for specific purpose.

Keywords: College English; learners’ satisfaction degree; teaching contents; English for specific purpose


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