DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC14.29

Authors: Ruchika Asija and Rajarathnam Nallusamy

Abstract: Hospitals in India and across the globe have moved or are in the process of moving away from paper-based manual information processing to Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) in order to provide effective and efficient healthcare services in a seamless manner. Widespread use of digital data in healthcare industry has provided potentially immeasurable benefits by instant access to patient information practically from anywhere in the world. Connecting HIS to the network and making EHR available over the Internet put the data vulnerable to security threats and risk the privacy of patients. New privacy and security laws and stiffened penalties have increased the urgency of addressing the security and privacy risks. This paper presents a survey on security and privacy of healthcare data and details about the health information systems (HIS), their digitization, risks to the privacy and security of health data due to digitization and addressal of these risks using new techniques to improve the quality of healthcare.

Keywords: Healthcare Data, Privacy, Security, Electronic Health Record, Hospital Information System

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