DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.29

Authors: Jens Haag, Stefan Karsch, Harald Vranken, Marko van Eekelen

Abstract: A computer lab as learning environment for networking and security courses offers students a safe playground, where they can deepen and anchor their knowledge by working on practical assignments. However, providing a safe playground is only one requirement. In this paper, we address principles, which will improve the support for the students by giving them more flexibility when they have to work with a computer lab. The main contribution of this paper is dedicated to the principle stating that students should be able to get support while working in a computer lab. Therefore we present our concept of an Electronic Course Advisor, which is able to guide students while they are working on an assignment, to provide them with hints and help when something goes wrong, and to verify and perhaps grade the students’ work. This fills the gap that arises when a human course advisor is not available.
Keywords: Distance education, e-Learning, Distributed virtual computer security lab, Virtual lab, Course advisory


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