DOI: 10.5176/2251-1997_AF13.79

Authors: M.Sc. Ana Komljenovic, Dr.Sc. Brana Komljenovic


The main objective of this paper is to define the impact and the consequences of the processes of European Integration on public finances, management of the budget and legal standardization in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to give, accordingly to conducted research, the answer to a dilemma whether joining the EU will bring more advantages or disadvantages to Bosnia and Herzegovina and both of the it`s Entities.
A special analysis is given on the impact of the accession process on budgetary revenues, the costs of reform, and the institutional adjustment. The net financial effect of the pre-accession process and of joining the EU on the budgetary deficit and public debt of Bosnia and Herzegovina has also been analysed.

Keywords: European integration; association process; public finance; budget; legislation

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