DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_SocialComp10

Authors: Seokchan Yun, Heungseok Do, Jinuk Jung, Mina Song, Namgoong Hyun and Hong-Gee Kim


Online social networks allow people to communicate, interact, and share information on the Internet. Recently it has focused on user's interactions to recognize the weight of social graphs. In this paper, to find out effective factors on the strength of interactions between users, we surveyed the definition of online friends and analyzed communication interactions of Korean users of both Me2day and Twitter using the twi2me application. As a result, it turned out 60% of users thought offline strangers can be friends online, 32% of them easily accept requests offriendship. The number of private interactions in online is rare, which it should be given more weight to analyze the relationship strength. The trends of each interaction are varied according tothe number of followers or friends and cultural backgrounds as well as characteristics of each social network. In the future, some kind of impact factor about user interactions will be calculated to analyze the semantics of the user relationship based on our results.

Keywords: Social network; user interaction; Twitter; Me2day;Measurement; Human Factors

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