DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm13.61

Authors: Isabela Carvalho Oliveira Pedrosa and Antonio Francisco Ribeiro de Freitas

This study is the result of an exercise in research and comparative analysis of the São Paulo Metro newspapers and Metro Toronto, and aims to identify the major categories of information that are transmitted by the two newspapers and the relevance of such important countries in the world context. The study was developed based on the online versions of both journals surveyed in the period from 01 December 2011 to 31 May 2012, and categorized and their content analyzed, where there is the level of standardization of the journals. As a result, Brazil is mainly focused on 22 subjects, and reports about the Brazilian government (politics), laws and legal system, the most frequent (6/22), followed by news about fashion (3/22) and violence (3/22); business (2/22) curiosities/”odd news” (2/22) sports (2/22). Culture, health and technology appear 1/22 times each. Among the 35 entries about Canada in the periodical, 9 subjects had the country as the main element, always as “entertainment”. From the study it was possible to conclude that Brazil has appeared as an important country in the international media scene - and, in general, with a positive image. With regard to the image of Canada in Brazil, this tends to be associated to the entertainment - once the stories about the country only belonged to this category. However, it is important to note that the country appears so neutral global media scene.

Keywords: Comparative Journalism, Sao Paulo Metro, Metro Toronto

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