DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.22

Authors: Stefan Schaefer


The following paper summarizes a list of relevant design parameters that a design process generally contains affecting the quality of a building and its formal appearance. It is part of a series of publications that determine the design process as a scientific approach to a chain of important decisions usually architects and engineers encounter during their projects. Beside a series of rather technical design issues (e.g. held at earlier ACE conferences) the general question of “Genesis of Shapes” the author tries to structure design more in general in order to get better buildings. On the basis of the shown examples, planned or built, the respective exposing characteristics will explain the discussed component. Also cross-references and therefore duplications between the individual documented examples are possible. The shown objects mainly come from own teaching, research and practical activities as an architect. Finally follows a short summary and a personal statement.

Keywords: component: Genesis of Shapes; Design Chain; Parameters; Strategies


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